The Pilling Tester determines the resistance of fabrics or leathers ability to resist pilling or abrasion depending on the test method and pilling or abrasion medium in use.

There are 6 test stations and the number of test cycles required by the standard being followed may be entered into the predetermined electronic cycle counter. After the required number of cycles the tester will stop- allowing for visual examination of the samples.

There are 3 versions of the tester available. At a later stage, users may purchase sets of sample holders, weights and pilling or abrasion plates to complete the other test methods.


KFG-2360 Pilling TesterPilling ASTM D3511Brush Pilling tester for apparel fabrics to ASTM test method D3511






KFG-2361 Pilling TesterPilling tester for automotive fabrics to Ford Motor Co. test method BN 108-03. Supplied with plates equipped with brush, sponge and velcro according to the different procedures in the standard





KFG-2362 Pilling and Abrasion TesterPilling and Abrasion tester for automotive leathers to Ford Motor Co. test method BN 108-14 with 25 lb weights, clamps and baseboard as specified


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