Miele Washer Extractors and Dryers



  • Prepared to meet Nike Wash Protocol 2006 – Elevated Temperature WashKFG-2314 Miele Washer Extractor
  • Constructed of high grade stainless steel
  • Bearing designed for 25,000 operating hours
  • Cast iron counter weights lower vibration to accommodate high speed extraction
  • 1400 rpms and a G¬force of 526 G’s occurs during extraction
  • Reduces drying times and extends the life of the garment
  • Powerful asynchronous motor with a frequency-controlled drive system

Honeycomb Drum™: A Miele exclusive, the Honeycomb drum™ provides superior garment care while enhancing overall cleaning.

Freely Programmable:  All Profitronic Plus programs are freely programmable, allowing the modification of wash temperatures, spin speeds, and starting times to pamper your exact laundry requirements. For even greater personalization, Miele offers unique Application Packages, featuring highly specific and extensively developed cleaning programs.

Autoclean Dispenser: A specially coated surface and powerful jets of water enable the detergent to be flushed out of both main wash and pre¬wash compartments without leaving any residue.


Capacity: 6.5 kg (15 lbs), 59 liters (17 gallons)

Electrical: 208v or 230v 50 or 60 hz, 1 ph

Weight: 116 kg (256 lbs)

Dimensions: 600mm (24”) W, 700mm (28”) D, 850mm (33”) H

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