L&M Sewability Tester

KFG-2480 L&M Sewability Tester


The L&M Sewability Tester has been developed to give a standard reproducible test for sewability, i.e. a test which will indicate to the clothier whether any supplied fabric is capable of being sewn without difficulty. The information supplied by the machine is not subject to variations of sewing conditions or operator skill.

The machine is useful to the fabric supplier:
To ensure that fabric finish comes up to standard.
The machine is useful to the clothing manufacturer:
To ensure that the fabric will give a satisfactory sewing performance.

Advantages of the instrument:
1. Only a small sample of the fabric is needed.
2. The test is rapid and the operating procedure simple.
The machine stops automatically and the results are displayed.
3. The versatility of the machine enables other investigations to be carried out, such as effect of fabric finishes and constructions on sewability, studies of needle characteristics and of the optimum needle size for satisfactory sewing of a particular fabric.

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