Laboratory Air Conditioning Systems

Laboratory Air Conditioning Systems for close control of laboratory conditions to ASTM and ISO standards for textile testing.

  • Two systems available to suit laboratory volumes up to 9000 cubic feet (280 cubic meters)
  • Internal units with compressor, air handler, digital controller to set and display temperature and humidity.
  • Includes plenum chamber for efficient air distribution (can also be ducted if required), air return at front of unit.
  • External condenser unit for ground, wall or roof mounting.

 KFG-2115 Laboratory Air Conditioning SystemKFG-2115

Laboratory Air Conditioning System 10KW/3 TON/4900BTU, Max room volume 5600 cu ft (160 cu m)


Laboratory Air Conditioning System 17.5KW/5TON/8600BTU, Max room volume 9000 cu ft (280 cu m)


Spares and Consumables Package for 1 year of operation

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