Hand Sample Cutters, Cutting Mats


Rotary Hand Cutter


KFG-2005 Rotary Hand CutterFeatures safety guard and release button.

Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

45mm diameter hardened steel blade mounts on either side for left or right handed users



Spare blade, 45mm diameter




Salem Self-Healing Cutting Mats



KFG-2006 Cutting MatShip rolled up for economical shipping costs; flatten out on table-top easily, more quickly with the help of a hair dryer

Tough enough to cut on, but soft enough to accept push-pins to stabilize fabrics
Standard size mats have 1” square grids printed in red. All mats are 1/8″ thick reversible and semi–transparent
Salem Cutting Mat 18”5 x 24.5”


Salem Cutting Mat 24.5”x 36.5”


Salem Jumbo Cutting Mat 47.5” x 96.5” (for full size cutting table – can be trimmed to size).

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