• The standard Bally Style Flexometer is a twelve station bench top machineKFG-2330 Bally Style Flexometer
  • Used for assessment of flexing endurance of light leathers, coated fabrics and their surface finishes
  • Can also determine tendency for cracks to form in the creases caused by walking
  • Each station includes pair of suitable clamps for attaching the test samples
  • Operation loads as many stations as desired
  • Desired number of tests cycles is entered on the cycle counter and the test is started
  • Once this cycle count is reached the machine will automatically stop
  • Test samples are visually evaluated.


Bally Remote


As above but with remote controls for mounting in customer’s own chamber.


Bally Cold Flexometer System

KFG-2330CKFG-2330C Bally Cold Flexometer System

A version is available to mount into a chest freezer, with external controls as well as raising and lowering control, for the cold test methods. Details on request.


  • BS 3144 Method 13
  • SLP 14
  • SLP 20
  • EN ISO 540
  • DIN 53351

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