Fabric Length Measurement Systems

KFG-2143KFG- 2143 Truemeasure Length Measurement System

Measures length of moving fabrics, carpets or composite structures up to 24mm thick. For fitting to Inspection, rolling machines, Tenter frames and other finishing machinery.

Measuring wheel in base and adjustable load top pressure roller allows measurement on the back of pile fabrics for greatest accuracy

Resettable mechanical counter up to 99,999 feet 11 inches or 999.99 meters with mechanical brake to prevent over-run.

Can be fitted with a digital encoder to output to electronic counting systems. ISO Calibration available

KFG-2144KFG-2144 Trumeter Length Measurement System

This rugged instrument can be fitted to all kinds of fabric inspection, rolling equipment and finishing machinery, supplied with two measuring wheels in either imperial or metric configurations as below.

Yards and 1/8ths, Feet and inches or Meters and centimeters (6 digits).

Fitted with universal bracket and hinge for mounting to most structures.

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