Fabric Durability Washer and Extractor


KFG-2315 Durawash Plus


The Durawash Plus, now incorporating a spin dryer/hydro extractor, simulates the conditions necessary to meet leading chain stores standard garment and fabric durability tests.

The process control systems provide excellent accuracy and repeatability. The physical performance of the Durawash Plus is compatible with that of the ‘Hoovermatic’ Twin Tub and complies with the Marks and Spencer Fabric Durability (C15) and Print Durability (P5) methods of test.

The agitator speed is 560rpm +/-5%.





The Durawash Plus incorporates a control console, which features the following controls:

  • Multi range timer with end of cycle audible alarm and automatic agitator shut off
  • Temperature indication and control with an accuracy ±0.25% of controller range. Display resolution 0.1ºC
  • System control and calibration accuracy better than ±1ºC
  • Solid state relay for silent switching, reliability and zero electrical noise
  • Push button tank drainage with inline filter
  • Magnetically coupled drain pump for reliability
  • Start button for the spin dryer

Other design features include:

  • Process tank constructed in high-grade 316 stainless steel
  • Lid interlock and latch for added safety
  • Stainless steel bearing housing
  • Industrial quality motor specification
  • Level protection to disable heating
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Free standing machine on lockable wheels

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