Digital Air Permeability Tester

KFG-2478 Digital Air Permeability Tester

For determining the resistance to the passage of air of woven, knitted and non-woven materials.

KFG-2478Standards : GB/T 5453, ISO 9237, ASTM D737, BS 5636, DIN53887, JIS L1096-A

  • Microcomputer control system, high accuracy pressure sensor, adjustable air volume
  • Equipped with large digital display of all parameters and integral printer
  • Pressure difference range 50~500Pa
  • Measuring range 5~10000mm/s
  • Measuring accuracy ≤±3%
  • Sample thickness ≤5mm
  • Sample test area 5cm2 , 20 cm2 , 50 cm2 , 100 cm2
  • Orifice plate (original Nozzle ) 8 pcs (Φ5mm,Φ1.0mm,Φ1.5mm,Φ2.5Φ4.5mm,Φ8.0mm,Φ14.5mm,Φ26mm)
  • Power supply 220V 50/60Hz 1300W
  • Dimension: 700×1000×1000mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 100kg


1Main machine1 set

Orifice plate (Φ0.5mm,Φ1.0mm,Φ1.5mm,Φ2.5m,Φ4.5mm,


1 pcs each

8 pcs total

3Standard sample holder (20 cm2)1 pcs
4Rubber ring1 pcs
5Standard calibration plate1 pcs
6Fuse 10A2 pcs
7Thermal paper2 rolls
8Printer ribbon1 pcs

Optional Accessories:

1Sample holders 5cm2,50 cm2 , 100 cm2
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