Air Samplers

ToAir Sampler Calibration ensure rooms are sterile, you need to accurately measure the air volume intake rate and sample rate to satisfy both your internal procedures and any regulatory requirements. J.A. King can help you with all your air sampler needs, with new product sales and equipment calibration.

Using our traceable flow rate measurement bench, we are able to verify and calibration biological air sampling units with flow rates up to 180 liters per minute. If you are monitoring viable particles in your clean room, sterile chambers, or production suites, J.A. King may be able to help you reduce calibration cost and turnaround time.

J.A. King also sells air monitoring equipment, including items such as the Sartorius AirPort MD8 air sampler. The AirPort MD8 is used to sample airborne microorganisms and viruses. It is flexible, efficient, quiet, compact, and can use either the membrane filter or impact method. The AirPort MD8 is suited for A and B class sterile areas, isolators, or blow-fill-seal machines.

If you’re looking for reliable and accurate air samples such as the AirPort MD8, or need calibration service on your air sampler, J.A. King has you covered. Click on the link below to request more information.


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