Rental Scales

There are times when scale rental may be more efficient than buying. These include:_DSC0028

  • Yearly or quarterly physical inventory
  • Additional equipment for peak demand times
  • One time project which requires weight data
  • When a critical scale is broken or being repaired
  • To evaluate whether a scale works with your process before investing in one

J.A. King has a complete range of rental scales, depending on which situation you’re in.

  • Counting scales: Ideal for inventory because you can accurately determine the quantity of items you have from the weight of a small sample. It’s a huge time savings during busy inventory periods.
  • Floor scales: For larger or palletized products. Depending on your application, they can also be portable for added convenience or supplied with ramps to make it easier to wheel items on and off the scale.
  • Crane scales: For overhead, temporary weighing applications
  • Reel counters, balances, wheel weighers and much more

Regardless of what scale you choose, we make sure it is properly serviced and calibrated before we deliver it to you.  A J.A. King technician will deliver it directly to your site, install it and train the operator.  Should you need it, a J.A. King technician can be available during the inventory period at your site to ensure everything is working properly.

Once you’re finished with the scale, we come and take it away.  Completely easy – all of the benefits of accurate weight data with none of the hassle!  And you can choose the rental period – a day, a week, a month or longer – to make sure it fits perfectly with your requirements.

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