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J.A. King is an authorized distributor for DICKEY-john® which makes the GAC 2500 grain analysis computer. This grain moisture tester is GIPSA-certified as being UGMA-compliant and offers calibrations for all grain types.

In addition to GIPSA-Certified as UGMA-Compatible, the GAC 2500-UGMA moisture tester offers:

  • Proven compatible with leading scale systems
  • Utilizes 149MHz technology for faster NTEP certified results
  • Equipped with NTEP calibrations for all grain types
  • Custom calibrations are available for specialty products
  • Capable of accurately testing frozen grain with running temperatures of -4 °F to 113 °F
  • Color touch screen user interface for easy to use operation

J.A. King can maintain, calibrate and repair both DICKEY-john® GAC 2100 and 2500 models. For more information or to request a demonstration, click the button below and contact a J.A. King team member!


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