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AgriCheck Analyzer Image
The German-made Agricheck protein analyzer is a cost effective solution for grain and seed analysis.  This grain protein tester is incredibly robust, with only a single moving part, and uses a single channel, double beam mode of measurement to ensure precision.

Key features include:

  • Fixed pathlength cell (22mm) is capable of measuring a wide range of grains
  • Patented sample feed insures accurate measurements
  • Dynamic Range Extender extends sample coverage with fixed pathlength
  • Optional reflectance mode for bakery products and powders
  • ~40 second analysis time with 10 subsamples
  • Fully transferable calibrations between instruments

Options for the Agricheck include:

  • Reflectance – The top mounted reflectance port allows for measurement of fine powers such as flour, tea, coffee, spices, and other powders.
  • Grain density – This integrates with the instrument to automatically provide grain density which is incorporated into the report
  • Temperature – Measures the temperature of the grain which is incorporated into the report
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