J.A. King offers a full range of products and services for our customers in the grain handling industry.  From truck scales and grain moisture testers to full service agreements, J.A. King is truly your one stop shop when it comes to measurement in grain handling.  We save you time, headaches and money by helping with all parts of your operation.

Truck scales
Truck ScaleThe heart of any grain operation is its truck scale. Make sure yours is up to date and up and running with J.A. King. Our measurement experts can evaluate your truck scale and recommend the best solution for upgrades or replacement. If you choose a new truck scale, we’re there from beginning to end:

Click below for more information about the truck scale brands we offer:


Upgrading your truck scale may be a cost effective alternative to a new scale. Options include:

  • Upgrading your existing analog load cell system to fully digital load cells
  • Converting your existing lever system to a fully digital load cell system
  • Rebuild your existing mechanical scale with new mechanical parts

Upgrades and conversions can provide new factory warranty for the parts and load cells.

Bulk Weighers

J.A. King works with Superior Technologies to provide single and dual scale bulk load-out systems.  These are ideal wherever bulk weighing is required, including grain elevators, feed mills and seed plants.  Click below to learn more about our bulk weigher product offering.


Grain Moisture Meters

J.A. King is an authorized distributor for DICKEY-john® GAC 2500 grain analysis computer.  It is one of two GIPSA-certified as being UGMA-compliant and offers calibrations for all grain types. Click below to learn more about DICKEY-john® moisture testers.


Grain Probes

We represent the Gamet line of truck grain probes.  Their two premiere products, the JaHam and the Apollo are constructed of high quality materials and designed for years of dependable use. Click below to learn more about grain probes.


Unattended Kiosks

An unattended kiosk can speed up vehicle throughput and reduce errors.  J.A. King’s engineering department custom designs our unattended kiosks to meet each particular application’s need. Click below to learn what features are available for unattended kiosks.



J.A. King partners with Proceres to offer the oneWeigh automation software. This easy to use program features quick lists, commodity accounting and Agris V9 integration, inventory integration and more.


Grain Grading

J.A. King is pleased to offer the Ohaus Adventurer Grain Scale.  It is a durable, high precision scale that has multiple modes: test weight, standard (positive) dockage or reciprocal (negative) dockage. Click below to learn more about the Ohaus Adventurer Grain Scale.


Protein Testers

J.A King is an authorized distributor for Bruins Instruments’ AgriCheck protein analyzer.  This cost-effective solution can perform whole grain and seed analysis on wheat, rice, soy, canola, oats and more. Click below more about the Bruins Instruments’ protein analyzer range.


Dockage Tester

The MCi Kicker is a mechanical dockage tester used to determine dockage and foreign material.  It is designed to provide a fast, accurate and consistent way of removing broken kernels, splits, shrunken and broken grains and other inferior particles.  Click below for more information about the MCi Kicker dockage tester.


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