GageSuite® platinum offers the ultimate flexibility in a calibration tracking software. In fact, GageSuite Platinum goes far beyond the benefits of simple calibration tracking and can be used as a fully integrated enterprise level quality management solution.

In addition to all of the features and benefits created with GageSuite Standard and GageSuite Gold, our Platinum package offers capability such as fully customizable record searches, ability to manage multiple locations, track purchase orders, bill of materials, and parts inventory, as well as drag and drop functionality in a customizable dashboard.

What truly sets GageSuite Platinum apart from any other calibration tracking system, however, is the ability to fully customize to your needs with features such as human resources records, employee training, online store functionality, and even more. Take a look at how the features and benefits of GageSuite Platinum compare to our GageSuite Standard and GageSuite Gold packages:

FeaturesGageSuite StandardGageSuite GoldGageSuite Platinum
Download & print certificates of calibrationXXX
Change location of equipmentXXX
Auto recalls of equipment due for calibrationXXX
Out of tolerance notificationsXXX
Print calibration stickersXXX
Basic data search capabilitiesXX
Create & populate equipment recordsXX
Upload calibration certificatesXX
Multi-level user accessXX
Multiple location capabilitiesXX
Limited customizable features availableXX
Create and upload calibration certificatesX
Custom data search capabilitiesX
Track tool repair and preventative maintenanceX
Ability to track repair parts inventoryX
Customized DashboardX
Additional fully customizable features availableX

For more information about GageSuite and to register or access your account go to the GageSuite Login page or click the link below to contact a J.A. King team member about integrating GageSuite Platinum into your operation!



Want to download or share? Here’s a pdf copy of the J.A. King GageSuite brochure.

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