To accommodate our large selection of force and materials testing equipment, we offer a full range of accessories compatible with a variety of models. This includes interface cables, force gauge adapters, specialty kits for ergonomic testing, and numerous grips and fixtures. In addition to the grips, fixtures, and accessories offered by our equipment manufacturers, our engineering department can work with you to develop customized test fixtures for any force or materials testing equipment.

Some of the grips we offer include:

  • Roller grips
  • Wedge-action
  • Peel & Friction
  • Pincer
  • Vice-action
  • Ribbon & Webbing

Some of the fixtures we offer include:

  • Chuck fixtures
  • Peel pull wheel fixtures
  • Food texture jigs and probes

For more information about the grips, fixtures, and accessories we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to contact a J.A. King team member.



Interested in calibration services? Our team can calibrate your force equipment straight from the manufacturer, so when you receive your product you’ll be all set with readily available certification in GageSuite®. Take a look at the force calibration services offered by J.A. King and learn more about GageSuite – Calibration Tracking Software.

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