Thread Attribute Gages

For fast and easy measurement of tight-tolerance parts on the shop floor, air gaging can’t be beat! Air gaging uses the differential pressure from one or more masters to a part to determine the feature size of the measured part. Air gages can be used for measuring inside diameters (Air Plug), outside diameters (Air Rings), as well as lengths and widths.

Thread Attribute Gages 1

Glastonbury Southern Gage Working and Wear Check Rings

J.A. King partners with the industry’s premier gage suppliers to ensure that all types, sizes, tolerances are covered as well as to meet your budgetary and timeline needs. Along with the support of our calibration services, J.A. King can support you by reviewing your prints, recommending specific types of gages for your application, engraving, and more. Just let us know if you’d like a quote or need advice and we’ll be happy to help!


Thread attribute gage brands represented:

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Interested in calibration services? Take a look at the ISO 17025 calibration services offered by J.A. King.

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