Steel Rule Calibration

Tape Measures and Rulers

Calibrated tape measures and rulers are essential tools in many operations. As a quick reference, they offer one of the simplest forms of length measurement and are one of the most cost effective ways to ensure your project is on the mark as you progress. While you can find a standard tape measure or ruler at any hardware store, some applications require precision grade equipment. For these applications, precision tape measures and rules are designed with NIST traceable calibration in mind.

J.A. King offers a wide selection of calibrated tape measures and rulers from the brands you know and trust. This ensures your operation meets the standards of your specific application. To learn more about our product offering or to get a quote for equipment for your operation, click the button below to get in touch with a J.A. King team member!


Need equipment calibration? J.A. King provides tape measure calibration which ensures your equipment arrives ready for use!

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