Skidless Drive Surface Roughness Gages

When your print includes stringent requirements for surface roughness, skidless systems offer tried and true technology for tough application. Where skidded units are limited to applications within the mechanical range of the skid, skidless drives have the ability to go over contours, in grooves, and even measure other parameters such as waviness.

Skidless units come in a wide range of forms; from portable units that can be taken to the part or mounted on a height gage, through fully CNC systems ready to measure high volumes of parts with exacting requirements. Skidless technology is also implemented in PC based systems which provide the ability to measure surface roughness and dimensional data in a single trace.

A portable skidless drive unit offers a cost effective and flexible solution for measuring surface roughness on complex geometries:

Skidless Drive Surface Roughness Gages 1

PC based units provide advanced data analysis capability and programmability for easy repeat-part measurement:

Skidless Drive Surface Roughness Gages 2

Advanced systems capability of measuring surface roughness and contour in a single trace provide a combination of maximum throughput with minimal uncertainty:

Skidless Drive Surface Roughness Gages 3

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Skidless drive surface roughness gage brands represented:

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