Skidded Drive Surface Roughness Gages

Whether you are looking for robust instrument to measure surface finish on the shop floor or a low cost unit for straight forward applications, skidded drive surface roughness gages offer a great blend of capability and practicality. The design of these gages utilize the skid to serve two purposes, protect the stylus tip and provide a datum reference for measurement.

While less costly than their skidless counterparts, today’s skidded gages offer advanced processors capable of analyzing dozens of different parameters, programmability for advanced applications, and the ability to interface with data collection and SPC systems. On top of a cost advantage, skidded drive units are more robust than skidless units meaning that they can be used on the shop floor and even taken directly to the work piece.

New surface roughness tester processing units provide mobility to analyzing capability that was previously limited to PC based systems:

Skidded Drive Surface Roughness Gages 1

Gages can be brought to large work pieces for easy measurement or mounted to access hard to reach features on smaller parts:

Skidded Drive Surface Roughness Gages 2

Dedicated units, such as traverse drive, provide a cost effective solution for specific applications:

Skidded Drive Surface Roughness Gages 3

The versatility of skidded drive unit make them a great fit for many applications and as such, they can be configured in a variety of ways. Contact our Sales team to get a recommendation specific to your needs!


Skidded drive surface roughness gage brands represented:

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