Non-Contact Surface Roughness

Material types and conditions or the need for 3D geometry may make traditional stylus-based surface roughness equipment inadequate. Non-contact systems provide a high speed, high accuracy, and highly flexible alternative. Using confocal white light or laser interferometry technology, non-contact systems are an excellent resource for R&D, reverse engineering, or specialty applications.

Along with the ability to measure delicate and complex parts, scanning systems provide a visual representation of the part surface. This data allows you to make decisions not only on your part’s measurement data, but also get a true look-and-feel for your part’s condition.

Confocal white light sensors offer non-contact measurement that is impervious to translucent surfaces:

Non-Contact Surface Roughness 1


Mutli-sensor systems enable non-contact surface roughness measurement to be taken along side of dimensional measurements for high throughput:

Non-Contact Surface Roughness 2


3D color maps provide visual context to part geometry data:

Non-Contact Surface Roughness 3



Non-contact surface roughness gage brands represented:

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