Cylindrical Ring Gages

Ring Gauges

A ring gauge is used to check external diameters on cylindrical objects, as well as calibrating other gauges or standards such as calipers,  inside micrometers or bore gauges. Generally, they are cylindrical rings made of a stable material such as steel, with a precision finished interior surface and a known tolerance. Depending on the tolerance, they fall within a range of the following graded levels: XXX, XX, X, Y, Z, and ZZ, with the XXX being the highest grade having the smallest tolerances.

There are a few ways that ring gauges are utilized: either as a master or set ring, or a go or no go gauge. As a go-no-go gauge, they are simply used to check that a cylindrical piece is within tolerance, by offering a reference check as to whether or not that piece fits through the space. As master gauges, and setting gauges (or setting discs), they are used to calibrate dimensional tools. They also come in a variety of configurations, such as spline ring gauges, or thread ring gauges.

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