J.A. King Precision Gage Blocks

Precision Gage Blocks

Precision gage blocks are essential in dimensional quality control. J.A. King offers a wide selection of individual gage blocks and gage block sets to meet the specific needs of your application- whether you’re on the shop floor or in a quality lab.

We sell all types of gage blocks from top manufacturers, including:

  • Rectangle Gage Blocks
  • Square Gage Blocks
  • Imperial/Inch Gage Blocks
  • Metric Gage Blocks
  • Ceramic Gage Blocks
  • Steel Gage Blocks
  • Chromium Carbide Gage Blocks

All gage block sets are available in a variety of grades from our manufacturers, so discuss your application with a J.A. King team member to get the best solution for your operation. All of our gage blocks provide exceptional accuracy, stability, and wear resistance. Our technical sales staff can assist you in selecting the best gage blocks for your application.

To learn more about our product offering or to get a quote for gage blocks for your operation, click the button below to get in touch with a J.A. King team member!



Need equipment calibration? J.A. King provides the gage block calibration you need to ensure your blocks arrive ready for use!

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