Optical Comparators


CC16L ComparatorOptical comparators are an incredibly useful tool in quality and inspection laboratories. They have been a part of the quality process in many operations for decades due to their ease of use, and ability to quickly take 2D measurements on a variety of parts.

While the general function of an optical comparator hasn’t deviated from it’s origin, the technology involved in capturing measurements has greatly evolved. New systems use LED lighting for better visuals, automated stages allow quicker motion, and introduction of powerful software allows us to get a large amount of accurate data points at incredible speed.

With options for so many new and improved features, there are a variety of products available to improve your process. J.A. King offers optical comparators from industry-leading brands such as QVI. Take a look at the selection of optical comparators available from J.A. King.

Interested in trading in your old optical comparator? Take a look at our capital equipment trade in program to learn more.

Our technical sales staff can assist you in selecting the ideal optical comparator for your operation, setting up a product demonstration, and more. For more information about our optical comparators, contact a J.A. King team member by giving us a call or using the form below.


Take a look at optical comparator brands we offer:

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