A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is an integral piece of inspection equipment. Using a touch-trigger (or other probe) it takes a series of highly accurate measurements along the X, Y, and Z axes along the surface of an object. This method is much more reliable than utilizing traditional hand tools due to its repeatability and precision.

CMMs used to be offered as standalone machines, but many manufacturers now offer CMMs as part of multisensor inspection systems. These allow you greater flexibility in your inspection process while giving you the opportunity to expand your scanning capabilities as your needs evolve.

J.A. King offers CMMs from industry leading brands such as QVI. Take a look below at the selection of CMMs available from J.A. King.

Our technical sales staff can assist you in selecting the ideal CMM for your operation, setting up a product demonstration, and more. For more information about our CMM offering, contact a J.A. King team member by giving us a call or using the form below.

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