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Go No Go Plug Gage

A go no go gauge is typically used in manufacturing settings to quickly check to see if an item is within the allowed tolerances. While it does not return an actual measurement it does allow an operator to know whether something is acceptable or unacceptable. To utilize a go no go gauge the operator must test a piece at both ends.  An acceptable piece should pass the “go” test and fail the “no go” test.

Go No Go Snap GageOne form of go no go gauge, a snap gauge is built to offer this test by utilizing anvils at opposite ends of a “C” shaped frame. Some snap gauges offer anvils at multiple locations, allowing the operator to determine whether the artifact passes or fails both with one tool.

Go no go gauges, also come in both non-threaded smooth variety, such as a pin gauge, or threaded versions which check threaded connections.  The benefit of go no go gauges is the ease of use – they require very little skill or interpretation to use correctly.

J.A. King offers a variety of go no go gauges from the brands you know and trust such as Vermont Gage, Glastonbury Southern Gage, Mitutoyo, and Starrett.  Contact our expert sales team to see which go/no-go gage is right for your application. For more information about the go no gauge products we offer, or to get a quote for new equipment, click on the link below to discuss your needs with a J.A. King team member.



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