CCP-CC14 Optical ComparatorDo you have an outdated optical comparator sitting around your lab? Would you like to upgrade your capital metrology equipment, but don’t have the budget to do so? J.A. King accepts old optical comparators on trade-in for credit towards the purchase of any new capital equipment! With an industry leading selection of equipment from top brands, J.A. King is the best place to upgrade!

Take a look at four ways to benefit from your old optical comparator…

Upgrading to a new optical comparator – J.A. King represents CCP, a leading manufacturer in optical compartator systems, throughout our entire network of sales territories. You can use your trade in credit towards any new CCP equipment.

Upgrade to a preowned in-stock optical comparator – Even if you aren’t ready to purchase brand new comparator, J.A. King has access to the world’s largest stock of pre-owned optical comparators through CCP. With a large optical comparator inventory ranging from certified pre-owned to refurbished and factory certified like-new units, J.A. King can help you get the equipment you need. The current inventory includes optical comparators from brands such as Mitutoyo, OGP, Starrett, J&L, Kodak, and Nikon. Take a look at the full inventory with CCP.

Trade in for other J.A. King in-stock equipment – Maybe you already have a new optical comparator but are in need of other capital equipment and would like to gain credit from an old unit? If you are still looking for an pre-owned, or refurbished in-stock equipment, take a look at our product inventory. Our inventory includes equipment ranging from dimensional metrology equipment to force systems, and even scales and balances. Browse our current inventory of in-stock measurement equipment.

Trade in for any new metrology equipment – If you are in the market for brand new capital equipment, even if it’s not an optical comparator, we can still help! With J.A. King, you can get credit for your old comparator towards any new capital equipment available throughout our network of sales territories. As one of the largest metrology companies in the U.S. our industry leading brand representation means you can get more selection for your trade in than anywhere else. Take a look at our full selection of measurement equipment brands.

Regardless of your budget and needs, J.A. King can help to find the right equipment for your application. Contact our sales team today to learn more!


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