J.A. King’s sales team takes pride in helping our customers select the ideal products for their measurement applications. Measurement technology and quality requirements are continuously evolving. The equipment you purchase must be easy to use, reliable, and most importantly, correct for the application. We take pride in the technical ability of our team to provide assistance in a variety of applications, with local specialist in each of our sales territories to determine the perfect equipment for your specific need. Check out our product offering:

Dimensional MetrologyForce and Materials TestingIndustrial Scales
Pressure Testing and MeasurementTemperature and RH MeasurementTorque Testing and Measurement
Physical Inspection EquipmentGrain Handling SolutionsIntrinsically Safe Equipment
In-Stock EquipmentTailored for TextilesGageSuite® Management Software
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Take a look at some of the many benefits in purchasing your measurement equipment with J.A. King

Industry leading representation brand representation – As one of the largest calibration service providers in the North America, J.A. King represents one of the widest product offerings in the industry. Our team has exclusive distributorship of many top brands in multiple sales territories. This gives you access to a variety of products without having to shop through multiple vendors.

New equipment arrives certified – With one of the largest U.S. based networks of ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratories, J.A. King offers our award winning calibration service for a variety of equipment. In addition, all equipment certified within our system automatically comes with access to GageSuite®, our equipment management software.

After sales support customized to your unique needs – As a J.A. King customer, no matter where you are throughout our territories, you have a dedicated account manager, application specialist, and service team working for you to ensure your new equipment is doing what it’s meant to. Our team not only works with you through the purchasing process to find the correct equipment, we can also ensure it’s well maintained through the life of the product. In addition, with our Risk Reduction Matrix, our specialists can help you assess risks involved with the extended use of your equipment. We can help you determine when it’s most cost effective to repair, or replace the equipment. This way, you can get everything possible out of your equipment, to truly get the best value.

Professional installation and operator training – Whether it’s an industrial truck or rail scale, or an SPC enabled dimensional hand tool, our team is there to make sure installation or implementation of your new equipment runs smoothly. J.A. King prides itself on having educated team members and has invested significant resources into enabling our team to pass that knowledge along to our customers. When you purchase equipment with J.A. King, you get more than a product and a receipt, you get the benefit of knowing your equipment will integrate seamlessly into your operation.

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