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What we provide our employees:

  • A long-term career where we and you grow together
  • If you come to work everyday with a smile, work hard, and produce results, you will grow financially and personally
  • A great team of people to work with
  • Marketable skills to learn and master
  • You will be doing important things. We keep the manufacturing world humming, their products better and safer
  • You will not be micro-managed. You are able to do your job, to the best of your ability
  • Competitive pay and benefits that grow over time
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Take a look at what some of our employees have to say:

  • “I love who I work with… the camaraderie is awesome!”
  • “Coming from where I’ve worked, when I ask a question, the answer is “how do we fix it?” instead of “what did you do wrong”
  • “This is the best boss I’ve ever had”
  • “It just really made me think how lucky I am to work for such an amazing company…”
  • “The one thing I love about this place is that there is not that political atmosphere… my team and I think the whole company are happy to be here”