Due to customer demand we are adding several new capabilities to our testing scope; vibration testing, xenon arc testing and the ability to do reliability/durability and life cycle testing at temperature.  These capabilities are also being supplemented with an increased capacity for some of our most popular test requests such as sun simulation, color/gloss, and extreme temperature testing.

The high demand for solar testing has created a need for a second solar system that is capable of doing full spectral analysis while controlling the environment. Our chambers have a large volume footprint that can fulfill all of your sun testing needs, to include greenhouse effect simulation and dry/wet climate advanced aging techniques.  Our large volume temperature and humidity chambers allow for climatic cycle as well as static climate techniques to fit most climate based testing protocols. Color/gloss as well as photogrammetry can be done pre/post-test or as a standalone evaluation.  The additional chambers and test equipment will allow us to meet customer demands with flexibility in test methods and quick turnaround times.

Vibration and xenon arc fit very well into our scope of accreditation and allow us to meet customer demands with a complete testing package.  The xenon arc testing goes hand in hand with our sun simulation ability and gives us more depth to our extensive sun testing capabilities.  The vibration system will be complete with an Environtronics climate chamber to allow us to simulate climate conditions while testing for vibratory impact on products, packaging, and materials.  These added capabilities make us a one stop shop for all your climate testing needs.

Here at J.A. King we are also capable of doing custom test design and development with an extensive knowledge base in electronic control technologies.  We are able to develop most test apparatus for reliability/durability and life cycle testing.  The addition of a Nachi Robot system, outfitted with a complete protective covering, will allow us to now perform these types of tests in chamber at specified climate. 

Our testing team has more than 80 years of experience and is available to help you with all of your testing needs. Contact us today to learn more.


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