Our engineers have tremendous experience providing turn-key, easy-to-use systems for customers in the automotive industry. The systems we develop help reduce raw material consumption, increase productivity, and improve production quality.

Greater technological innovation in the industry can present new challenges with respect to measurement, testing, and quality assurance. J.A. King’s engineers are devoted to problem-solving, and can implement cutting-edge, flexible solutions for complex measurement applications.

Here are just a few of the many solutions J.A. King has developed for the automotive industry:

Customized Runout Measurement System: 360 degree measuring system is used to automatically determine runout on ring gears

Seat Frame Go/No-Go System: Used to automatically determine by a set of multiple checkpoints whether or not a seat frame has been manufactured to specification

Half Shaft Tester: Used to automatically check connections between a gearbox and half shaft

Automated Torque Assembly Station: Designed to set screws for automotive mirrors to a specific setting avoiding over torque

Custom Thickness Tester: System developed to measure the thickness of an automotive dashboard cover placed over airbag components 

Interested in working with our engineering team to develop a system for your process? Use the link below to contact our engineering team about your specific needs and request a quote.

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