Medical device manufacturers require accurate measurements and documentation to meet FDA, ISO 13485, and ISO 9001 regulations. With our ISO 17025 accreditation, we instill confidence in your quality system – allowing you to focus on your core business.

In addition to helping your team stay up-to-date on your calibrations, we also keep you audit ready with GageSuite®, our asset management system. GageSuite is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and provides instant access to calibration certificates and history.

J.A. King also offers a full scope of dimensional inspection services with CMM and vision system measurement capabilities, including first article inspection, assisting with STED documentation, and more. Utilizing inspection laboratories across our network allows us to handle increased workloads so you can keep up with spikes in production demand.

If your quality team already utilizes equipment for dimensional measurement such as CMMs and digital video measurement devices,  our in-house team of engineers can develop customized fixturing solutions to increase throughput.

Interested in seeing what J.A. King can do for your operation? Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for the medical device industry.

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