Our engineers design, build, and implement easy-to-use solutions that enable life sciences companies to reduce raw material consumption, optimize processes, and increase yield and quality. Here are just a few of the many solutions J.A. King has developed for the life sciences industry:

Pin Gauge Classifier: Identified each pin gauge and checked that it was within tolerance before and after each use

Product Labeling System: High speed laser marking system developed to laser etch product information on glass vials

Batching and Dispensing System: Controlled the liquid ingredients used to make a finished product and recorded the weighted amounts of each constituent ingredient

Small Parts Kitting System: Developed to automate packaging process and track quantities of parts going into prepacked kits

Our team can help identify opportunities to automate and improve processes throughout your operation. Interested in working with our engineering team to develop a system for your process? Use the link below to contact our engineering team about your specific needs and request a quote.

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