Livestock operations face many challenges:

  • Competition for land, energy and water
  • Pushes for increased production and higher productivity
  • Waste reduction and process improvement initiatives

As a result, livestock production is becoming more sophisticated than ever.  Innovations in feed, health, genetics and breeding are allowing more cost-effective operations on a larger scale.  J.A. King can help livestock producers collect data, monitor waste and ensure operational efficiency.

From inbound truck scales weighing feed and other raw materials to hopper scales to temperature monitoring systems, J.A. King has you covered for new products.  And anything we sell, we can calibrate, ensuring your equipment is reading correctly no matter how harsh the environment.

J.A. King can also help you turn your measurement data into actionable production information with a custom engineering solution.  Whether it’s weight, temperature, pressure or another parameter, our engineering team designs easy-to-use solutions perfectly tailored to your particular needs.

Interested in seeing what J.A. King can do for your operation? Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for the food and beverage industry.

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