With the volatile oil & gas market, outsourcing your calibration to J.A. King can help when your team is short staffed.  We can provide ISO 17025 accredited calibration for more than 650 equipment families including dimensional, torque, pressure, and scales. For added convenience we have a mobile lab and provide on-site calibration of your equipment, allowing you to keep your measurement equipment at your facility. If you need parts inspected, but don’t have the capacity, J.A. King is here to help. We have multiple ISO 17025 accredited inspection labs and a team of experienced metrologists.

If you need new measurement equipment, J.A. King sells equipment from the manufactures you know and trust. Whether you need a truck scale, gage blocks, video measurement equipment, or pressure gages, J.A. King has the quality equipment you need.

We also have an engineering department dedicated to solving your complex measurement challenges.  From small projects like creating completely custom gages and fixtures to multi-truck scale automated weighing systems with kiosks, our team has the experience to create a solution to solve your dilemma. Let us know what your challenge is, and our team will create a custom system to improve your process.

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