Due to increasing competition, ethanol producers are under tremendous pressure to maximize efficiency to meet growing production demands. From feedstock receiving, to fermentation, to distillation, and on to final shipment, J.A. King provides industry leading solutions that enable ethanol producers to gain control over their processes, achieve consistent quality, and minimize downtime in order to gain the competitive edge.

Weighing equipment plays a pivotal role in ethanol plant operation. Vehicle scales in particular ensure that all the materials flowing into and out of ethanol plants are accurately accounted for, and often serve as the plant’s “cash register”. Therefore, it is imperative to have the most accurate and reliable weighing equipment on the market. J.A. King not only sells the best weighing equipment available, we also back all our products with world-class customer service and technical expertise.


Ethanol 1Vehicle Scale Capabilities

  • Comprehensive line of truck scales, rail scales, and accessories
  • Installation of new and used scales
  • Quick and easy disposal of older scales
  • Retrofitting of existing scales
  • Complete repair of mechanical and electronic scales
  • 24/7 emergency service to support around-the-clock operations
  • Calibration and comprehensive preventative maintenance
  • Heavy capacity consulting
  • Turn-key solutions for custom applications, including unattended weighing, customized software, etc.

Other Capabilities

  • Vessel weighing
  • Sales of service of process instrumentation
    • pH
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • NIR Analyzers
  • Quality Systems Evaluation

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