Transformer Center of Gravity CalculatorMeasurement is critical to your operation whether you’re in a nuclear power plant or producing wind turbine blades. Traceable measurement data ensures your product is high quality and robust, every single time. However, gathering this data isn’t always straightforward.

J.A. King’s engineering department has developed a variety of custom solutions to meet our customers’ unique measurement needs. Examples include:

Truck In and Out System: An automated, multi-truck scale weighing and ticketing solution that improved truck turnaround times and provided 100% data collection

Center of Gravity Calculator: Real time calculation of the center of gravity for 50,000 lb. transformers going onto offshore oil rigs

Turbine Blade Moment Weight Calculator: Test Stand built to allow for the moment weight of a turbine blade to be calculated quickly and reliably

Interested in working with our engineering team to develop a system for your process? Use the link below to contact our engineering team about your specific needs and request a quote.

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