Our engineers design, build, and implement easy-to-use solutions that enable chemical companies to reduce raw material consumption, optimize processes, and increase yield and quality. Our team has tremendous experience in mixing and batching automation, and can help identify opportunities for automation to reduce the time or manpower required. Automated batching systems can typically reduce raw material usage by 5-10% and achieve greater consistency in your products. We can also identify other opportunities to increase speed and efficiency and improve data collection.

 Here are just a few of the many solutions J.A. King has developed for the chemical industry:

Asphalt Emulsion System: Automatically performs the emulsion process with consistent batches for asphalt sealant manufacturers

Automated Batching System: Customized batching system to handle dangerous chemicals- reducing human interaction and improving safety

Automatic Filling Station: System designed to fill a container to a target weight while minimizing internal fluid friction and foaming

Variable Height Industrial Siphon: Adjustable piping system developed to remove molten metals from a vat

Truck In/Out System: Custom system with 4 different procedures based on the type of load with customized tickets

Interested in working with our engineering team to develop a system for your process? Use the link below to contact our us about your specific needs and request a quote.

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