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Precision measurement is critical for gun manufacturers and the ammunition industry. Weapons and ammunition are manufactured to exacting tolerances to ensure accuracy and quality. At each stage of the production process, gun parts are measured to ensure they will produce a high quality final product.

J.A. King understands the measurement needs of the firearms and ammunition industry. In addition to production measurement, we can help with incoming parts inspection, dimensional inspection and all measurement required by quality systems.Firearms Factory in Hartford

J.A. King sells a variety of measurement products critical to small arms and ammunition manufacturing, including hard gages, force gages, micrometers, hardness testers, optical comparators, precision balances, checkweighers, chronographs and more.

Of course, regular calibration of all measurement devices is a necessity for quality products and ISO and SAAMI compliance. J.A. King has the ability to calibrate for over 150 parameters out of our 12 full service branches nationwide. Our highly trained service technicians can work either on your site or in our lab to ensure your measurement instrumentation is performing within specified parameters. We can also service and repair most types of equipment to get you back up and running, fast.


For more information on our comprehensive measurement solutions for the firearms and ammunition industry please contact Tory Manning, Industry Business Manager, at [email protected], or call 336-292-0511 ext. 1108.

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