The Benefits of a Custom Measurement Solution

When you need a measurement solution specifically designed for you, J.A. King’s engineering department can help

Measurement is critical to your process.  With traceable measurement data, you can guarantee your product is exactly what you think it is – high quality, robust, every single time.  However, gathering this data isn’t always straightforward. Custom test machine render

There are many great measurement instruments out there, but sometimes, an off-the-shelf product just doesn’t give you the information you need.  Or it’s hard to use.  Or it doesn’t fit with your existing infrastructure.  That’s when J.A. King’s engineering group can help.

With electrical, mechanical and software engineers, as well as in-house machining and assembly capabilities, J.A. King’s engineering department works with you to design a solution that is specific to your application.

From the simple to the complex, our engineers can design a solution that is:

  • Easy to use, even if the measurement application is complex
  • Fits perfectly with your existing hardware
  • Integrates seamlessly into your back office system, no matter what software you are using
  • Tailored to your accuracy and reporting requirements


Examples of some of the custom solutions J.A. King’s engineering department has built include:

  • Custom testing machines – a large automotive manufacturer needed a way to ensure the force on their drive shaft met safety regulations. A. King designed a self-contained unit to apply a calibrated force and determine if the part adhered to the design specificationsExtruder for donuts
  • Bespoke software – a flavor manufacturer needed to make sure exactly the right amount of ingredients were put into each product. Our software engineers designed completely custom software to integrate with their existing scheduling/batching software and to gather and collect weight data, as well as providing step-by-step instructions for the operator.
  • Custom fixtures – a rapidly growing plastics extruder needed to measure multiple points with a CMM on 32 pieces at once. J.A. King designed a custom fixture that held the parts in place and allowed measurement from both the top and bottom.
  • Process automation – a donut manufacturer needed to ensure uniform amounts of dough were released into the production line at the right time. J.A. King’s extruders mean perfect donuts and efficient operations.

Custom fixtureSome solutions are complex and highly integrated.  Others are beautiful in their simplicity.  All are well designed, highly accurate and perfect for the application.

Are you frustrated trying to shoehorn your measurement application into an off-the-shelf solution?  Why not let J.A. King’s engineering department create something specifically for you?  It’s efficient, effective, certified and best of all, exactly what you require!

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