Custom Fixturing


J.A. King’s Engineering Division has been creating custom fixtures for measurement instruments for over fifty years! A custom fixture ensures that the part you are measuring is held securely and consistently on the fixture the same way every time. This produces not only accurate measurements, but yields a much better gage R&R. Custom fixtures are easy to load, which improves ergonomics for the operator and minimizes set-up time. Custom fixtures can also hold more than one part in the same orientation, allowing multiple measurements at once, which increases throughput.

The best thing about a custom fixture is that it can be fitted to pretty much any measurement equipment, including:

  • Scales
  • Vision machines
  • CMMs
  • Micrometers
  • ….and much more!

Some recent examples of custom features we’ve created include:

Cradle fixture for floor scale

Cradle fixture for floor scale

  • A specially designed cradle on a floor scale to weigh large rolls of foam. Rolls could be up to fifteen feet long and weigh up to 100 lbs, so they were awkward to maneuver and it was hard to ensure an accurate weight once on the scale.
  • An acrylic fixture to measure multiple plastic plugs. In order to measure the plug, a vision system was needed but a traditional metal fixture would not allow the light to come through and highlight the features to be measured.

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