Our Team

Our Engineering Division is comprised of a cross-functional team working hand-in-hand with customers to create solutions tailored to precise specifications. Our team members possess a wide range of expertise.

  • Project Manager – Dedicated liaison between customers and Engineering team
  • Field Engineer – Specializes in electrical engineering, also responsible for all field startups and training
  • Software Engineers – Develop custom software for PCs, PLCs, PACs, etc.
  • Mechanical Engineers – Utilize AutoCad and SolidWorks for mechanical systems design
  • Chemical Engineer – Extensive knowledge in processes which include the production and use of chemicals
  • Machinists – Work with a variety of materials. Proficient in Mig and Tig welding processes, and CNC milling and lathe
  • Assembly Technicians – Ensure final assembly on projects meets specifications

For more information about our engineering team’s expertise, or to enlist their help in designing a best-in-class measurement solution, contact us using the form below!

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