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Ten reasons to let J.A. King solve your most complex measurement challenges

What is difficult to measure in your process? Are there areas where you see waste or quality issues but can’t figure out the best way to solve the problem? Maybe you have tried off-the-shelf solutions that are cumbersome and time consuming, or just don’t get the job done.  J.A. King can help!

Our engineering division was founded in 1958, and since that time have been working with our customers to solve their most challenging measurement dilemmas with elegantly designed custom measurement solutions.

If you aren’t sure why you should choose J.A. King to solve your measurement challenges, here are our top ten reasons to let the precision measurement experts help:

1) Custom Designed & Built

J.A. King Engineering Team

Every engineered solution from J.A. King is designed and built to meet the individual customer’s need. Each system is unique for the customer – so no two projects look alike.  From the very beginning, our application specialists and engineers meet with your team to discuss exactly what your needs are, and to design the solution that is right for you. This communication is ongoing through the entire process and ensures that the solution delivered is one that will meet all of your specifications.

2) Fully Integrated

Because we work closely with you and your team, we can create solutions that are completely integrated into your manufacturing process – saving you time while ensuring quality and consistency. Whether it is a totally new application or retrofitting an existing process, our team can make sure that our solution fits in seamlessly.

3) Measurement Expertise

We are the precision measurement experts. Our team of engineers have years of expertise not only in their respective engineering disciplines, but also in precision measurement.  They have a unique perspective that allows them to create a beautifully engineered solutions that are also very accurate and precise measurement systems.

4) Repeatability & Reproducibility

All our systems are tested for repeatability and reproducibility.  Our team has years of experience in conducting Gage R&R studies to ensure that the measurement data from your custom solution is accurate and reliable.

5) Data CollectionSPC Screenshot

J.A. King custom measurement systems can collect measurement data and send it to your existing SPC or quality system. If you don’t have a system in place, we can also work with you to create one.  This allows you to utilize real-time data to reduce scrap, inconsistencies, rework and downtime while improving quality and productivity.

6) Custom Software

Our software engineers are able to write user-friendly, software tailored specifically to your application.  Not only can our engineers write in multiple programming languages to communicate with your current PLC system, but they can also write PC-based and indicator based software.  They have the knowledge and experience to integrate custom software into your current IT infrastructure.

7) Process Improvement

If you are interested in process improvement, custom engineered solutions can help you to streamline your current process and reduce waste. Our engineers were able to help Commonwealth Brands, track their rejected product and reduce waste by 30%; click here to read the full case study.

8) Ergonomics

All of our solutions are created with user ergonomics in mind.  Whether the new system eliminates heavy lifting by automating a manual process or eliminates unnecessary stooping and bending, we want to ensure safe and comfortable repeated use for years to come.

9) Post-Sale SupportJ.A. King Post Sale Engineering Support

Once your project is complete our team will install it at your facility and train your staff on how to use the equipment.   If you have any questions or issues with the system in the future, our engineers are available both for over the phone and in-person technical support.

10) Competitive Advantage

Because the custom solution is designed specifically for your process, it can give you a significant advantage over your competition. Your competitors are likely struggling with some of the same measurement dilemmas as you, but luckily you have the precision measurement experts at J.A. King to help!  Since you will be measuring exactly what you need to in the most efficient way, you can ensure the quality of your product while reducing waste and saving time!

If you are ready to let J.A. King solve your complex measurement dilemmas click the link below to contact one of our measurement experts today!

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