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Custom Engineering

Since 1958, our Engineering Division has been developing and implementing cutting edge solutions custom tailored for our clients’ specific needs. Whatever your unique measurement application, J.A. King can create a solution. Our engineering team has developed projects as complex as customized batching and filling systems, while also offering solutions for improving efficiency in simple processes such as manually measuring runout.

What We Do

Our engineers can design a simple, easy-to-use solution for your complex measurement application. They are devoted to problem solving, and can make it easier than ever to:

• Improve production efficiency
• Raise the level of quality
• Reduce raw material consumption
• Obtain more accurate, reliable measurements in less time
• Collect data for traceability

From concept to delivery, our engineering team will ensure your project is developed with focus on key aspects that you determine. Our team will meet with you to determine those needs, work with you to match a budget to the solution, develop concepts for your approval, and source the right materials.

J.A. King Engineering

Benefits of J.A. King Engineering Services

Take a look at the top ten reasons to let the precision measurement experts at J.A. King solve your complex measurement challenges and manage your project from start to finish.

Projects By Industry

Interested in seeing some past examples of our custom engineering? Check out projects we have done for companies throughout several major industries.

If you want more information about our engineering capabilities, let us know! Give us a call or fill out the quote form below and we can develop a solution for your operation.

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