We are now a Premier distributor for QVI Snap systems

J.A. King is proud to be the Premier distributor for QVI’s SNAP Digital Measuring Machine in the Southeast!

SNAP DM in useThe SNAP is a full-function measuring machine designed to measure a large variety of parts with many critical dimensions at the touch of a button. The system is easy to use and completes entire parts measurements in seconds. This speed of operation coupled with its repeatability make it ideal for use on the manufacturing floor. The system can automatically measure multiple parts, even different parts, in any orientation.

Other Features Include:

  • Most versatile light setup of any DMM- the perfect lighting for every part!
  • Extended measuring range and dual optical magnification for large and small feature measurement
  • Auto-ID recognizes and measures all parts- even multiple different parts
  • Zoom Anywhere technology allows you to zoom in and measure fine details anywhere in field of view
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