The Total Cost of Equipment Ownership: Preventative Maintenance and How to Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Your equipment is one of the most important parts of your operation, and for many organizations, one of the largest investments. Costs associated with those investments stretch far beyond the initial purchase order.  Being prepared can save your operation valuable resources, which create a significant impact over time.

Did you know having J.A. King provide calibration and maintenance on your equipment can reduce cost up to 46% over a 5-year period? That’s right, you can reduce the cost of ownership by almost HALF with J.A. King service. That equates to more resources that can be utilized elsewhere to continue optimizing your operation. Take a look at our article “Total Cost of Equipment Ownership” to learn more.

Our goal at J.A. King is to help our customers improve quality, reduce risk, and increase efficiency with our best-in-class measurement solutions.  See what our world class customer service and technical expertise can do for your process. Click the button to talk with a J.A. King representative in your area.

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