J.A. King – A Single Source Measurement Service Provider for Your Operation

By using J.A. King as your preferred measurement service provider, you can:

Reduce cost – Consulting firm Accenture has done research showing that it costs on average $97 to process an invoice. With multiple vendors for calibration and new product purchases, these costs can quickly add up. J.A. King can provide all your measurement requirements – the best measurement products on the market, top quality calibration and repair of a wide range of equipment and custom engineering services. Monthly summary invoicing and blanket PO management keep transactions to a minimum.

Each item that ships from your facility, in addition to the cost of calibration, has freight and logistics costs attached. J.A. King can help you consolidate the equipment you send out of house to save money. Or let us come on site and calibrate at your facility, eliminating freight charges all together.

Improve productivity – The recent recession has made companies leaner than ever, with one person frequently performing the job of three. However, research by The Hackett Group shows that vendor consolidation can not only save supplier management time but also $700-$1,400 in interaction costs. By letting J.A. King manage your measurement needs, you have time to focus on what really matters: making great products.

With J.A. King as your primary calibration vendor, you’ll also save time and headaches preparing items to ship out of house. No more fighting with the packing tape or the shipping department.

Improve quality – J.A. King’s wide calibration scope means that the majority of your equipment is calibrated by our measurement experts. With over 75 years in the measurement business, you can trust our people, products and services to give you the most accurate data possible. Good data lets you make good decisions and good decisions lead to high quality products.

If an item is outside of our scope, we carefully select a third party vendor who meets our high standards for calibration quality. We maintain the vendor records in our quality system so you don’t have to in yours.

To speak with a J.A. King representative about consolidating measurement service vendors please contact us.

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