QC-CALC 4.0 has been released!

QC Calc SoftwareAfter four years of development Prolink has released QC-CALC 4.0, GageStation/QC-Gage 4.0, and SPC Office Buddy 4.0! This is the largest change to the software in Prolink’s history, below are some of the update highlights:

  • Direct access to SQL Server allowing QC-CALC to write directly to the SQL server skipping the need for an Enterprise Data Loader.
  • Portability – The file-based QCQ file is now portable without the need for extra files with other extensions (QCN, EIF, ET3, NTS, P11, etc.)
  • Flexibility – The new database design allows Prolink to add features directly into the database within the same software version without compatibility issues.
  • New Filtering – Enterprise Report Scheduler record filtering has been ported to QC-CALC and SPC Office Buddy allowing greater access to data.
  • Snapshots – A new feature that allows the importing of 2D/3D drawings into Enterprise Report Scheduler in order to mark characteristics for display.
  • Location & Categories – If you are using a SQL Server, location and categories have been added for improved grouping and categorization of part files in a multi-user environment.

If you are ready to update your software to the latest version contact us today for a quote!

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