POWERCELL PDX load cells save Bison Coop time and money

POWERCELL PDX load cells save Bison Coop time and money 1

Bison Cooperative Association located in Bison, OK made the decision to convert their dated mechanical truck scale to load cells before harvest this year. Doug Showalter, General Manager, said that “the old scale was shot, so we upgraded our concrete top truck scale to load cells.”
J.A. King came in and removed all the levers and installed Mettler Toldeo POWERCELL® PDX® load cells with a complete grounding system in March of this year. The POWERCELL PDX system comes equipped with StrikeShield Technology, which is guaranteed against lightning strikes for 10 years. Click here to learn more about StrikeShield Technology.
This summer, Bison Coop’s new system has already been put to the test. Strong storms blew through over a weekend in late June, and lightening hit the scale. When Doug and his team came in on Monday morning they “saw it had been knocked offline”, but Doug was pleasantly surprised that “it was quickly back up and running.”
Doug called J.A. King, who came out and inspected the scale. They found the only damage was to the back up UPS transformer, which had been blown out by the lightning strike. Once that was replaced, the scale was as good as new. Had this been a traditional load cell system, it is likely that the load cells and indicator would all have been blown out by the storm, resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.
Doug and his team were saved both time and money by choosing to convert their scale to the POWERCELL PDX system from Metter Toledo. If you are interested in converting your truck scale, contact us today to learn more!
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