Mahrlights – Summer Promotions

Mahrlights: Summer 2018Take a look at the latest Mahrlights promo! This promotion features some newly introduced items and a variety of the most popular Mahr products.

Currently, Mahr is featuring their Self-Centering Measuring Pistol and Millimess Dial Comparators among many others! Check out the featured products below and browse the entire Mahrlights summer issue by clicking on the cover image to the right. Pricing is available with J.A. King though August 31, 2018.

Featured Products

Mahr 844 self-centering pistol bore gageMahr Inc’s 844 A self-centering pistol style bore gages offer long measuring range with fixed anvils. The pistol grip incorporates a constant measuring pressure for locking onto the bore diameter with no operator influence.

Mahr Millimess series dial comparatorsFor over 60 years, the Millimess series of dial comparators has been synonymous with both high precision and extreme robustness, suitable for measuring tasks where the accuracy and the reversal span of a conventional dial indicator are not sufficient.

Contact a J.A. King team member to learn more about the promo or to get a quote!

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